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Hello! My name is Ms. Walker.  I am from Atlanta, Georgia, by way of East Atlanta.  I am a product of Atlanta Public Schools.  I started at Peterson Elementary School, transferred to E. Rivers Elementary School my 2nd grade year.  I matriculated through APS until the end of my freshman year at North Atlanta.  I transferred to Druid Hills High School at the beginning of my sophomore year, where I finished my high school career.  However, I still consider myself an APS baby!!!


I applaud APS for providing their students an experience with languages other their own…World Languages.  Because of this experience, I began my journey with Spanish.  I remember Spanish being taught to me at E. Rivers, and I chose through my scheduling options to continue learning during my Spanish 7th and 8th grade years at Sutton Middle School.  I wasn’t done!  I registered for Spanish I at North Atlanta High School, and excelled!  I still remember my teacher speaking to her 3rd years in Spanish, and I was like…wow!!!! That will be me some day!  I transferred to Druid Hills High School my sophomore year, and graduated from Druid Hills, but that never stopped my passion for Spanish and the Hispanic and Latino cultures. 


I entered college with the coal of a minor in Spanish, however, that changed my junior year.  I decided ultimately to major in Spanish and African American studies, with a minor in secondary education.


As a student of a World Language, I believe strongly it is not only my duty to ensure I am up to date with my language skills in Spanish, but also to immerse myself in Latino and Spanish culture as much as I possibly can.  Thus, I regularly study abroad, or visit countries, when I am able to.  Below is a list of my educational and cultural experiences:


Study Abroad – Dakar, Senegal (Spring, 2002)

Study Abroad – Seville, Spain (Spring, 2004)

Professional Development – Mexico (June, 2007)

Study Abroad – Dominican Republic (June, 2009)

Cultural Visit – Mexico (April, 2014)

Cultural Visit – Mexico (June, 2016)

FDHS Study Abroad Trip – Puerto Rico (June, 2016)

Cultural Visit - Cuba (September, 2019)


Living in these countries has done so much for me, in terms of not only augmenting my Spanish skills, but also giving me the opportunity to see how other cultures view the world. 

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School Summer Trip, June '16


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I was so excited to bring our young scholars to Puerto Rico summer, 2016!!! We had an amazing time crisscrossing the southern, eastern, and northeastern parts of the island!!  We had a chance to visit El Yunque, see the merging of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, try new and exciting dishes, and most of all practice our Spanish and immerse ourselves in Puerto Rican culture!!  I will never forget my first trip abroad with students; they also keep in touch with me to reminice on this amazing trip!!!

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Always true to Douglass High.

To our dear school we sing thy praise.   

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