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I believe every student can learn a second language.  The process of learning a second language includes implementation of differentiation in the classroom, as well as a balance of listening, reading, speaking and writing practice.  I believe each of the aforementioned components are critical to the second language learner.  I also believe consistent implementation of technology is needed.  We all live in a virtual world and cannot overlook the importance of technology in education. 

I believe strongly students’ identities must be considered and acknowledged daily.  Students’ religious beliefs, cultural customs and practices, verbal and nonverbal cues, and home educational practices are extremely important.  Thus, it is incumbent upon myself to consider and implement lessons and school interchanges that honor each students’ past experiences.  As an ESOL teacher, it is also my duty to serve as advocate to my students.  Thus, I must teach fellow colleagues, students, and members of the community the above mentioned information, and ensure cultural awareness is implemented by faculty, staff, students, and the community.

My Philosophy of Education